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who Is ALEX?

Who is ALex?

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Goal 7: Taking About Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Dealing with computers is stepping out of my comfort zone. This is not something I was very comfortable with as I got older, but I knew I would have to learn how to operate a computer or pay out tons of money to get writing activities done. First, I had to learn how to turn on a computer. That was the first computer my mom and I bought for my oldest daughter, Marie when she started college. One day I took it upon myself to go into my daughter’s room and take a look at the computer. I saw letters and numbers on this flat thing called a keyboard. The computer itself was wide and bulky and had a button to turn it on. Where that button was I did not have a clue. My daughter showed me and I pushed this gray button which caused the computer to turn on. From that point I had no clue what to do next. Of course my daughter gave me a crash course in how to work the computer. I first learned how to type my name and play a game or two. I would always think if I pushed a button and the computer did not come on I would have broken it.
Later on when I remarried and my husband taught me more about things to do with the computer. Making cards, T-shirts, learning the keyboard etc. Going back to collage to work on my admin certification I had to learn how to type my papers, that was a challenge for me. Listing to one of my co-workers at the time sharing how much money per page she had to pay in order to get her information typed was a nightmare. I thought to myself, I better learn how to work this computer because I am not paying out all of that money.
I got pretty good at doing different things on the computer: making cards, banners, typing, charts for my classroom, teaching my students how to make cartoons related to different skills and now I am working on my Ed. Specialist in Instructional Technology Degree. Talking about moving out of my comfort zone; what an experience. I have learned a lot about technology that I didn’t know and now I am willing to start a Twitter account very soon.

Goal 10: Make A Connectio
Wow, this is going to be a BIG connection I must make. Hearing so many negative things about social networking has prevented me from setting out and signing up for an account. I made a promise, today June 2, 2012, I will sign up for an account on Twitter. My oldest brother has asked if I was connected with any of the social networks, sad to say I informed him that I wasn’t. Growing up not know being connected with family members on my mother’s side of the family prevented me from being familiar with my sister, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins etc. This way I can reach out and touch others that I never knew and have not kept connected with since I was fifteen years old. Now my oldest brother can see pictures of his nieces and great nieces and even me. Further this will allow him to send me pictures and share addresses of other family members so we can get connected.

Goal 18: Let’s Move
In order to keep student engaged in learning, rotation are good to be involved with. Some of the activities my students are involved in are center rotation which is conducted three to four days a week. For example students have 20 minutes to work on centers. Center 1 Reading – This center would have different fiction and non-fiction books four different bins. Center 2 Games- This center have a variety of different made games related to skills students have on and are working on in reading. Center 3 Social Studies –Games I have bought from the dollar store and teacher made games. Center 4 Tech- Two students can go to each desktop to find activities they like that is educational. Center 5 Science- Students can perform experiments that are being conducted for the lesson of the week. Students will attend a different center each day. A chart with students to sign-up is posted each morning, for them to sign-up based on the day before. This will provide students the opportunity to move about during the day.
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