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What is Support?

Supports are the things that one must have in order to complete a task or goal. Teachers must have support in order to incorporate technology in their classroom. These supports must include:
  1. School leaders support
  2. Training support
  3. Equipment maintenance support
  4. Convenient

Things we can do to eliminate the problems with integrating technology
  • Provide financial support towards purchase of hardware and software
  • Continuous training for members of the faculty and staff
  • Give teachers incentives for training and implementing programs and software
  • Provide quick and easy access to technical support
  • Ask teachers what they need

Why it is needed

  • Support and professional development is the largest ongoing costs.
  • Pedagogical must change. Teachers must adopt new teaching skills and new assessment skills.
  • The ratio of support personnel to teachers is 1:500

Assignment 1

Several Years ago a large school district took the first step toward 21st Century classrooms. It invested in instructional technology, not just for each school ,but for each classroom. Each teacher was supplied with top quality Smart boards, digital cameras, laptops, and projectors. The county also provided professional development and on-site one-on-one training for the new technology. Top level leaders were proud of their accomplishments and watched and waited for the results. Expectations were high as the county led the metro area with their advancement in technology.

As years passed, disappointments emerged after assessors reported of idle equipment and uninterested teachers complained of its inconvenience. The leaders were not prepared for the attitudes and lack of enthusiasm from educators. This school district was now facing a common problemexternal image Decorative%2520Line%2520Divider.jpg

Assignment 2


Assignment 3
Assignment 4

30 Goals Challenge

Goal 18: Share A Story
Last May, I received a phone call from my mother who told me that a woman from my home town called to invite me to her son’s graduation. I didn’t think much of it, but was interested in who the woman might have been. So I return the call and found that it was the parent of a previous student. After vaguely remembering the student, I found out that the student had been very successful and had become Valla Victoriana of his class. After catching up on events in his life, I ended the call and decided that I would not travel back home to attend his graduation. Three weeks later, my sister called to say congratulations. Confused about my accomplishment, I questioned her excitement. She informed me that she just attend a graduation in which the Valla Victoriana credited his success in school to me! The student said that “I sparked the light.” I slowly started to put the pieces together, and I realized that I had made a terrible mistake by not attending that graduation. I also realized that for the first time in my life, I had tangible proof that I was making a difference. I vaguely remembered the child or the situation in which I had made a difference. I didn’t feel worthy of any recognitions. Parts of me even felt ashamed. But I was glad his mother made that call. Now I realize that unseen opportunities to make changes, open doors, or “spark lights” are set before us every day. We never know when we are making a difference in someone’s life.

Goal 8: What’s Your Personal Theme Song?

I used Windows Movie Maker to create a video. My theme song is the last song in the video. "Victory"
Because of its size, I could not upload the video on this wiki. However, I place the video on the discussion board.

Final Paper
Assignment 5