Timmi S.

Knowledge Loom - Access

Overall idea
  • School leaders must ensure equitable access to technology for all students, teachers, and beyond the walls of the school

Some Questions to consider
  • What technology is available to special needs students ranging from those with disabilities to gifted and talented students?
  • What networking options are available to allow for this equitable access?
  • What are other more affordable options than a desktop or laptop for every student?

  • Technology can help break down barriers of economic status, geography, differences in learning styles, and special needs..."makes available to all what was once only available to a few"
  • Other priorities related to access include
    • Ensuring the effective use of technology by teachers
    • Ensuring that students being tech-literate and digitally responsible
    • Ensuring that the school is networked so that every room in the school is "on
  • UDL for technology integration must be a priority so that access is equitable
  • The digital divide (among races, education levels, income of families, etc.) seems to be shrinking
    • Schools have a very important role in removing the digital divide
      • They can be a community access point for technology
      • They can provide programs where families can get technology at low-cost and training

Success Stories
  • Roanoke, VA:"Computing Seniors/Computing Parents" Program
    • Started with a mini-grant of $500 and is now expanded to 17 schools with an annual budget of $49,000
    • Uses vacant computer labs in the evening to teach senior citizens, parents, and others in the community about technology via 10-12 week courses
    • The instructors are teachers
    • End result is technology literate community that is invested in the public school system and is now more supportive of the schools
  • The Library! at Collister, Boise, ID: Technolgy Coach Program (public library but applicable to schools) - info from The Idaho Librarian Vol 61, No 1 (2011)
    • Pairs "tech-savvy volunteers with those needed technology assistance"
      • Could be student volunteers that do the same in the school
    • Using library to teach citizens technology skills necessary for employment and just how to keep in touch with friends and family (ie. navigating the internet, email, productivity software - Office, Google, etc.)
    • Volunteers work one hour per week assisting others
    • Fostered sense of community
  • Carencro, LA Middle School
    • Used Title I funding to help make access equitable
      • Funding is one of the biggest obstacles to equitable access

Leadership Book Analysis

The Book: If You Don't Feed the Teachers They Eat the Students! by Neila A. Connors
  • To learn more about the book go to "Must Reads" on ShawlerVision
  • Click Moose below to find out how the book relates to the KLOOM model

Case Study

An iPad program begins at a rural Georgia school...
I used an iPad app called Gabit to create a series of cartoons describing the scenario. Each one could only be 30 seconds long so I created 9 different segments. Below are the three characters used



Quick QR Demo

SnapMaze Demo

    • I also created a "draft" tutorial on Edmodo using CamStudio but due to file size I could not convert it for free or place on this wiki...will show in class

30 Goal Challenge

Goal #6: Set a Google Alert
I set up three alerts for this goal. The first was everything with my name in it. After a Google search of my name yesterday, I was amazed how much information was out there about me. I found teacher ratings posted by students, compliments from conference participants, and my website information. I thought this would be a great place to start for my alerts. Then, I decided to get alerts on mobile learning. Because this is such an important topic in education today, I found it imperative to keep up with what was new. Finally, taking an idea from Shelly Terrell, I decided to set an alert for e-learning. For this one, I chose to only get alerts about blog postings. This is such a broad topic I was afraid I would be inundated with information.

Goal #8: Personal Theme Song
I love music so I thought this would be a good goal to begin with. Music can make you cry, smile, laugh, and stir any range of other emotions. You can also hear a song and it remind you of a time gone by.

Two songs make me feel better and lighten my spirits so I shall declare them my personal theme songs.
1.) Gary Allan - Life Ain't Always Beatiful - I had a friend recently that was having a rough time and so on Facebook I sent him a message to remember, "Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride"

2.) Zac Brown Band - Knee Deep - For a much more lighthearted song that I can hum through my day to keep my smile on I would have to pick Knee Deep. It reminds me of my favorite place, anywhere near the water.

I also love the idea of allowing students to determine their personal theme song. I think this would make a great beginning-of-the year project.

Goal #21: Have Fun Tips
1.) Get on the water. Go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating, or just wade in the water. Water seems to have a calming impact. If you aren't near the water...at least you can take a hot shower or a nice long bath.

2.) Go for a hike/walk and reconnect with nature.

3.) Jump into history. Nothing makes us appreciate our current lives than to examine our history. I love Civil War history. Every battlefield, reenactment, or museum I go to makes me appreciate the nation where I live. I enjoy reading letters and other documents from that time period to learn what it was like for both soldiers and civilians. The writing is beautiful from that time period and once again, it makes us appreciate what we have. I also love sharing my experience in history with my students. I also encourage them to stop texting and Facebooking and write a letter to their friends or family members. If they don't, in 150 years there won't be any documents left from our time period.

4.) Go to the movies or even better, the drive in. If you live within a days drive to a Drive-in...Go! There is nothing like sitting in the back of a truck with popcorn and blankets snuggling to your loved ones watching a great movie. Cool breezes and crickets chirping in the summer are the epitome of relaxation and fun.

In the classroom:
1.) Have story time. Many times, whether we are having a discussion, students are working individually or collaborating, or even taking a test I will stop and tell a story. It eases the minds of my students and they usually get a good smile and laugh out of my stories. I also allow students to tell stories, as long as they are school appropriate.

2.) Show a funny, school appropriate video clip. Kids love YouTube and other places where they can find funny clips. It does not hurt to take 2 minutes and show a clip to get things started off right.

3.) Play music during labs. I teach science and when I remember, I hook up the iPad and hit shuffle on my music. The kids realize I am a real person because I like much of the same music they do AND it is a motivator for them to work hard. Sometimes, I let them plug up their ipods or other devices and we listen to their music if the other students are ok with it and it is school appropriate.

4.) Change pictures on your desktop. I like to change pictures on my computer desktop and put things that will make the students ask questions. Especially for my ED students, this is important because I show them places they probably have never been before. We get some good discussion and/or story time. Sometimes, I will put pictures of my daughter and this allows me to tell that funny story.

Goal #20-Cycle 2: Share a Resource
I shared the 30 Goal Challenge/Teacher Boot Camp blog with my new principal. He has said several times that he wanted professional development and PLC's next year. I think this is a fantastic way to promote professional development in a non-threatening way. I also shared with him the professional development plan I created last year for faculty, almost a choice board of sorts. It gives the teachers options that professional development can be customized for each teacher.

Resume' and Cover Letter 6/2012

Final Project