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Review chapters online and write book review. Below is a copy of my book review.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Resouce for Educators!,June 3, 2012
Jennifer Pritt "Jennifer" (Marietta, Ga United States) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Leading 21st-Century Schools: Harnessing Technology for Engagement and Achievement (Paperback)
I read this book for my technology degree class and have found it to be one of the best books I have read in the entire program. If you are a leader, teacher, administrator, or a principal you should read this book. It has incredible and easy tips to use technology in many different ways.

Welcome to my page.

Planning is a part of technology that involves constantly evaluating and revising plans to meet the changing needs and innovations in technology.

A School==meaning all stakeholders

A school cannot have a static plan or the plan will become outdated quickly and have no meaning.

A school must view the plan as dyanamic and process fundemental information daily.

A plan must hav key components that can be altered when needed.

Questions about planning

Where can you find support in the industry that is related to technology?


Innovative Support?

Community Support?

Who is responsible?

How do you sustain current technology at the same time funding new technology?

Some examples:


Overall State plan that branched into district plan needs.

First goa-65% of classrooms connected to internet.

High poverty area (shouldn't this be when you need higher pecentage rate?)

Big Issue:
Professional Development
Sent superintendant and four principals to training every summer--(not teachers)?

Also, admin should have tech standards as well as teachers.

LA-Middle School

High poverty rate and economically depressed surrounding areas

Focus on school exposure to Excel and PowerPoint (Ok, for now-but will change)?

Big Issue:
Professional Development
(all teachers have 8 periods a day, one for individual planning and one for team planning) (these were also used for professional
development times)


School is for the most part half black and half white. The school district is being sued for racial discrimination and some schools have been shut down and of those 100 students have been added to this district. (I am not sure why this info really mattered in this case study)

NJ-Elem. School

Big Issue:

Community and/or parent involvement

Received a huge amount of money to have schools 100% connected to the internet. All classes.

Community and parents also have access to computers and internet at school

School has 1 out of 3 students classified as special ed.

Very low test scores in 1989, after new plan took place a blue ribbon school

Overall the problems noted:
No high school examples

A study says that it costs $2,251 a year per student to keep technology updated

Focus on admin and county

Focus (for some) on teach development during the day (when?)

In this economic arena, not sure all of the same would be approved

Overall benefits noted:

Community/Parent Involvement equals more funds

Technology helps poverty schools/students

Plans are fluid and able to change with times

Assignment 5

Project Summary/Abstract

Comprehensive assessment material is needed for Multicultural literature, an alternative class for ELL senior British literature. By creating summative unit plans, ELL students will meet subject standards while incorporating technology into final class projects and presentations. Second language learner research supports the need for interactive technology such as iPads to increase classroom comprehension. The Cobb County School District's technology plan states that all classrooms should expose students to subject content with 21st century technology. The county's learning goals support the technology plan by incorporating innovative technology into standard based instruction. By allowing ELL lead teachers to develop Multicultural literature comprehensive lessons, they in turn can participate in county wide collaborative learning to ensure exposure to all ELL teachers without incurring substanial planning/roll out costs.

Documentation of Need

No curriculum for ESL Multicultural Summative Assessments
Not utilizing ESL technology (iPads) in classroom instruction

Measureable Project Goals

Standards based summative unit
Final comprehensive assessment of class w/rubric
50% of students produce iPad project meeting standards for ESL summative unit
Within two years of posting units to Pinnacle (county curriculum website)-
85% of ESL students exceed standards to successful complete course

Literature review/Research base

3-5 online resouces through Lesley database using APA

Links to Cobb County Technology Plan

Supports District/State Learning Goals

Professional Growth Plan

Spring Semester 2012
All Lead ELL teachers
Fall Semester 2012
Area 1 and 2 Schools
Spring Semester 2013
Area 3 Schools
Fall Semester 2013
Area 4 Schools
Two Years
All high needs ELL schools on units by end of 2013
Apps cost --Choices from Comics, Songs, Movies, Art
5.00-9.00 an application--in final name specific applications and their costs.

Training--All lead teachers in schools--nkind--cost provided by school--no one is writing a check.
--teacher is providing time to project

Costs for one sub day for all lead teachers in 12 high schools-
--covered by ESL County professional development funds


I linked my Twitter account to TweetDeck. I tried to use Hoot Suite, but I did not like it and it seemed to difficult for now. I may investigate
more later.

My account is Pritt55 if you want to follow me. I am going to work hard and try to get myself more involved in the educator forum on Twitter and it may become one place that I can go over and over without searching for other items of note online.

Which leads me to the 30 Goals 2012!

Goal 19: Avoid Burn-Out #30Goals

30 Goals Burnout

If you want more information, check out the site link to the video. This year I really felt like this was my problem. I was even driving to school on Friday to do more paperwork at the schedule of others. Especially at graduation this year, my phone never seemed to quit buzzing and I felt like between my high school kids and my daughter it was too much. A lot of the kids signed their senior pictures with "you are like my second mom." This makes me feel like I am good with them, but at the same time I feel this need to always be teaching them and making sure all their school needs are met.

So, I am going to plan on the next year setting boundries and taking time for myself twice a week. I am going to start slow with a walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don't laugh, but I am going to do this with no tech. No music, no book, no computer, no text, and no phone. It is going to go be hard but sometimes I just think that maybe out fresh air with no connection might just do the trick. We will see, I am going to try it out.

Goal 4: Leave It Behind #30Goals

Goal 4

Mmmm, this is starting to have a connection. I really need to be able to go home and turn off the day as an educator for a while. I also want to be able to get over some things and just move on. Sometimes the same people do the same "are you kidding me?" things at least once a week.

I am going to try and learn to let it go. I also need to learn to walk away and start each day fresh with a new look on what is positive, instead of focusing on the negative behavior that continues to pop up in my school and more specifically my department.

Goal 7: Play and Have Fun! #30Goals

Goal 7

Short Term: Yesterday I saw many children playing. When my daughter and her friends were done with the recital (I am pretty sure they thought of the recital as playing), they were all out on this patio behind the college theater. The five girls ran to each item, pointed it out to the other and said phrases such as:

How beautiful! Mommy, can I touch it?
This is green. Daddy, what is it?
OOOOO, smell my flowers I got for dancing!

They looked at their trophies....a ballerina doing an arabess--and attempted to do the same thing outside in the sunshine, in front of everyone. They were giggling and having fun all while learning new things that were around them.

Now, that I am thinking about what happened it reminds me that kids (no matter the age) want to be up and learning. People want to use all of their senses when learning. I imagine the retention is much more when all senses are involved. I know it is with me. For some reason as students get older, I believe we stop most of the activities we do with younger kids. I know that time is an issue, but I am not sure why worksheets and textbooks become such a big role in later grades.

Long Term: I think using technology is a great to get back on track and start eliminating so much paper and book work. Research results often point to book work and worksheets as low retention tools any way. I think that this summer when I am not focusing on my first two goals, that I am going to take the time to develop lessons that involve much more moving, taking small field trips around the school etc.

It is funny, with the IEL kids (the ones that just got here and speak no English) I take them on mini-fieldtrips around the school and they learn the language much easier with demonstrations and actually viewing the real item. I need to start doing that for the higher literature courses as well. Maybe they won't just look forward to project, computer days but also every day lessons.

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